• Klarus XT21X Tactical Flashlight with 4000 Lumens!

    The XT21X from Klarus is such an extreme torch that it has two X’s in its name! The new XT range has generated a lot of attention in the tactical torch world and the XT21X is receiving much praise for its power, design and functionality. So let’s take a look at this new-comer to the XT range.

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  • Night Vision Deal of the Month – July 2018

    This month we actually have two deals on the Yukon Photon night vision scopes, which are affordable, reliable and easy-to-use – chosen by many gamekeepers and pest controllers because of the accuracy and simplicity of these NV scopes.

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  • Imalent DX80 finds Big Foot on the Gadget Show

    Imalent DX80

    Did you see the mighty Imalent DX80, 32,000 lumen, mega-bright torch featured on The Gadget Show (Channel 5) last week? It helped Pollyanna win a ‘Big Foot’ challenge, and she was clearly impressed with this powerhouse of a torch.

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