• GSCI Advanced Photonics, Image Intensified Night Vision

    GSCI Advanced Photonics, Image intensified Night Vision

    Canada based GSCI develops and manufactures some of the world's most advanced image intensified night vision and thermal imaging equipment.

    Choosing the right product can be a minefield especially when there are so many different variations and complicated terms, so we're hoping to make this easier for you by explaining some of the basics...

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  • Klarus XT21X Tactical Flashlight with 4000 Lumens!

    The XT21X from Klarus is such an extreme torch that it has two X’s in its name! The new XT range has generated a lot of attention in the tactical torch world and the XT21X is receiving much praise for its power, design and functionality. So let’s take a look at this new-comer to the XT range.

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  • Night Vision Deal of the Month – July 2018

    This month we actually have two deals on the Yukon Photon night vision scopes, which are affordable, reliable and easy-to-use – chosen by many gamekeepers and pest controllers because of the accuracy and simplicity of these NV scopes.

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