New Olight Maverick Tactical Flashlights

Posted on January 17, 2014

At this time of year, as is started to get dark earlier, we receive a lot of emails and phone calls from people who want a powerful torch for personal safety reasons. In the past, we have helped people who have been mugged and want to prevent it again; parents who want their children to be able to walk home from school safely; travellers who want a level of security; and dog walkers who want to be able to deter any undesirables.

We have always been able to help and advise on the best flashlight for the person's individual requirements. And now we are excited to announce that we are stocking some new tactical flashlights, which have been designed specifically for tactical situations as well as personal safety at night.

The M10 and M18 Maverick EDC lights from Olight have been designed for people who want to use a torch for every day use and personal protection. They are compact, powerful and bright, with quick access to high mode and strobe. A quick burst of intense light into the eyes of an attacker at night will momentarily destroy their natural night vision, which will take a minute or two to fully restore. The flash of a strobe is meant to disorientate the attacker while taking out their natural night vision, buying you precious time to escape and remove yourself from the situation.

Olight Maverick tactical tail switchThere are a few features that make the M10 and M18 Mavericks great defensive tactical torches. The protruding tail switch is easily accessible and gives quick access to the high mode and strobe. There is a memory function, but a double tap on the tail-switch overrides this to activate high mode. Strobe can also be activated with the side switch, so if you are using the light to illuminate your path and need to switch to strobe mode, you can do this by holding down the side switch.

Olight Maverick smooth reflectorThe XM-L2 LED emits a very bright light (350 lumens for the M10 and 500 lumens for the M18) - this is intensified by the smooth reflector to emit a focused beam, which is ideal for every day use.

The M10 Maverick at 93mm long is the smallest of the two and ideal to keep in a jacket/ trouser pocket or handbag. It is powered by either one CR123A or RCR123 (rechargeable) battery. The M18 Maverick is a little longer at 127mm, but still pocket-size. It can run on either one 18650 rechargeable battery or two CR123A/ RCR123 (rechargeable). Both lights come with a 5 year warranty from Olight.

For more information, take a look at the shop pages for the M10 Maverick and M18 Maverick.

*UPDATE*: There is now a remote pressure switch that fits both the M10 and M18 Maverick, which means they can both be weapon-mounted.



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