New Olight M20-X Warrior Tactical Torch

Throughout the flashlight industry, when a new LED emitter is introduced, flashlight manufacturers upgrade their models to keep-up with technology. However, for many models, the upgrade it just the LED. But for the latest version of the popular Olight M20-X Warrior this isn't the case - the developers have included some other much needed features.

Olight M20-X smooth reflectorThe body of the flashlight is exactly the same as the original light, with protruding tactical tail switch, grip ring and body clip. However, the new M20-X uses the latest XM-L2 LED, which outputs 50 lumens more at 550 lumens. It also has a smooth reflector, black bezel and protruding side switch - the previous version had a side switch that was difficult to locate by touch, whereas the 2013 version can be located quickly for fast mode selection or to activate the instant strobe.

Olight M20-X tactical tail switchThe M20-X still has a memory function, but users can now override this to quickly activate high or strobe mode by tapping the tail switch 2 or 3 times (2 for high mode and 3 for strobe). This eradicates the accidental activation of low mode when the flashlight is required for a tactical or personal protection situations. These are welcome changes that make the M20-X Warrior an outstanding tactical flashlight for the money. Plus it comes with a 5 year warranty!

Take a look at the new M20-X Warrior...