Klarus ST11 with USB Charging Cap

Posted on January 17, 2014

At TacLight we like to do our homework on new LED torches before we decide to stock them. We don't want to confuse people by stocking lots of the same type of torch, so we test each new model to see if it offers something unique to the other torches we stock.

Klarus refer to their ST11 as a general outdoor flashlight, which doesn't make it sound particularly special. But after using it for a while we now understand what they mean. Basically, it's a solid torch for all outdoor applications - both leisure and work related.

The ST11 uses the latest super bright XM-L2 LED, which outputs a maximum of 900 ANSI lumens and, with the help of the deep reflector, it can throw a nice wide beam over 170m - so great for biking (as a bike light), camping, trekking, police use, dog walking, security, etc. For a jacket pocket torch, we found the beam very impressive; in terms of distance, width and clarity.

This LED torch has clearly been designed to be easy-to-use and features a tactical-type tail switch for momentary-on, on and off functions and a side switch for mode selection and to place the ST11 into stand-by mode. The tail-switch is recessed, enabling the torch to tail-stand and be used as a candle to illuminate the inside of a room, tent, portaloo, etc (we've tried all three).

There are 4 light modes (High-Mid-Low-Moonlight) and 2 flashing modes (Strobe-SOS). The moonlight mode is just 1 lumen and is ideal for close-up tasks. The strobe mode can be activated instantly with a double-tap of the side switch and the SOS is hidden, but is quickly activated in an emergency to signal for assistance. A memory function memorises the last mode used, so the light will activate in that mode.

Another unique feature is the CH11 USB charging cap, which can be bought with the ST11. This allows the torch to be charged from any USB port or even a mains socket or 12v vehicle socket with the correct USB adapters. You just remove the head of the torch, leave the 18650 battery inside, screw on the charging cap and plug into a USB port. This makes it ideal for traveling, home use and to use a bike light for commuting (as it can be charged at work).

The ST11, like many Klarus flashlights, has been designed to be extremely functional, but understated. Underneath its unassuming design is a Swiss army knife of a torch - it's rugged and useful in so many different situations, making it one of the best general outdoor flashlights we have ever used.

Buy the ST11 by itself or with the CH11 USB charging cap.



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