Posted on March 09, 2016

There is a mass media campaign at the moment, which seems to be prompting mass hysteria over a torch claiming to be ‘The World’s Best Military Flashlight!’ 

In fact, we have been contacted a few times asking if we stock the G700 ‘Navy Seals’ torch billed to be ‘surplus military stock’ only available through a select few websites…and at an amazing 75% off! 


What is this incredible light we wondered, after all, we pride ourselves in selecting, testing and supplying high-end, quality lights to armed forces, police, law enforcement and security professionals (whether public of private sector), and we’ve never heard of it. So, we did a bit of digging and it wasn’t too long before the truth was (ahem) illuminated. 

Emails, internet ads, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are just a few places we’ve seen this too-good-to –be-true offer and it is clear that the mass marketing of the G700 has been incredible. Sadly, that appears to be the best thing about it. 

Don’t believe the hype. 

This flashlight seems to have many forms as we’ve found it sold under different guises, namely; Lumitak, Lumitac, G700, Lightstrike360 and The Alphaelite. All have a huge price reduction from an over-inflated retail price, all appear on recently registered websites, Youtube channels, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages and all are THE SAME $3-5 torch.

It’s true, this torch does exist and can be purchased direct from China for about £3.70, or from US sellers for about $10 – a far cry from the $200+ price tag the new websites are claiming its worth. 

What of those glowing reviews, videos and claims of military use? Unfortunately, there’s yet to be any credentials supplied to support any of these claims. In fact, some people have already fallen prey to the hype and finding that the flashlight doesn’t live up to expectations and is fragile. Even worse, they’re discovering that the G700/ Lumitak/ Lumitac/ Lightstrike360 / The Alphaelite are not ‘military grade’ as promised but a pale, fragile comparison. 

Some are claiming that these are G700 FAKES! Again, a clever marketing ploy as it ensures folk go looking for the ‘Original G700’ – which technically doesn’t exist (not with all the merits, power, durability and performance the Ad campaigns have bestowed upon it!) and is still an inferior product for the money and hype.


We have decided to write this piece not to ‘rubbish’ the G700 – as we said earlier the torch can be found for very little cost without the branding – but to alert people who may be about to part with considerably more of their hard earned cash for the truly unbelievable G700.

SAFETY WARNING – we understand that some are being sold with Ultrafire batteries, which may be unprotected cells that have had a habit of exploding. A cursory Google search will reveal some frightening footage and personal experiences of these batteries. 

Don’t just take our word for it…

Those lovely folk over at the Budgetlight forum have taken it upon themselves to help spread the word about the unremarkable G700 light and hopefully save people from being duped.

Below are links to relevant threads and articles from people who know their flashlights;

“The G700 is a $3 value flashlight being marketed as a $200 ultimate flashlight” 

There are many torches which DO live up to the claims of the G700 and are supplied for military use and covered by genuine warranty, customer service and after sales care, if you’re looking for one of those you can give us a call on 01535 610066 or 01535 611688 and discuss the best one for your needs.



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