Brief Guide: Solarforce P60 torch hosts & LEDs

The Solarforce range here at TacLight can be a little confusing for newcomers to LED torches due to the diversity of the product range. But once you understand the basics, the possibilities are endless…

The Solarforce range is an affordable, comprehensive collection of EDC (every day carry) torches that will take you from leisure to tactical specialist use; a versatile modular range from which you can design your own torch to meet specific needs by choosing the LED (by type and voltage), host (body) and accessories to create the perfect illuminator for your application.

P60 Hosts

This Solarforce range is primarily based on torch bodies known as ‘P60 Hosts’.  There are 6 hosts in the range, which differ in a number of ways;

  • Material of body (aluminium and plastic/aluminium composite)
  • Switch location (tail switch and side body switch)
  • Colour
  • Bezel and grip design
  • Accessories available

With a number of torch bodies and accessories to choose from, you have the option to build the torch best suited to your specific requirements, whether that's camping, airsoft, police work or general purpose use.

L2 Host Series

The Solarforce L2 series of hosts provides a variety of torch bodies:


L2 host is very popular and has a tactical aluminium body with a forward-clicky tail switch and strike bezel. It can be used with an extension tube to increase power and run time (depending on LED voltage range). It can also be used with all the Solarforce accessories, such as remote pressure switch, camping lantern, extension tube, etc.


L2D features an aluminium host with a reverse-clicky side switch to access the different modes for more general purpose use but at the same time maintaining versatility by being able to use with the range of accessories. It is well suited to the lantern head, as it gives full access to the mode button when in use as a camping lantern (see below).


L2M host is a modular host with the standard aluminium construction and forward-clicky tail switch. This one has a removable extension tube as allowing the L2M to be used with either one CR123A/RCR123, two CR123A or one 18650 battery.


L2N has the same excellent features and impact resistance as others in the L2 series but with an ergonomic ‘comfort secure body grip’, which is excellent for extended hand-held use.


L2P has an upgraded mil-spec type III hard-anodised finish with enhanced anti-wearing and anti-erosion durability. With a forward-clicky tail switch and a low-profile strike bezel, this is a great outdoor and tactical torch which is favoured by police as well as airsofters who use it weapon-mounted (mounts are available from TacLight)


The Solarforce M6 is a truly tactical LED torch, with the upgraded mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish, head and tail bezels, deep knurling for extra grip and the high power output XM-L U2 in-built. This is one of the few Solarforce torches without the ability to change the LED. But with the 50,000 hours of use from the XM-L U2, you won’t be changing your torch anytime soon!

Scope mountable and an optional remote switch make this an extremely versatile tactical torch.

P1 Host

The newest host in the Solarforce range is made up of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and aluminum alloy which is strong, durable, warm to the touch, water resistant and lightweight; a versatile companion for professional outdoor users.  It comes in 3 body colours (yellow, green and black) and will host any of the P60 drop-ins. 









Body material
















Strike bezel







Tail switch











Camping lantern


Remote switch






Ext tube


Scope Mountable


Solarforce P60 Drop-Ins

The P60 drop-in LEDs enable each torch to be responsive to your specific illumination needs, ensuring that you have the correct light source for your intended use. Each comes in a variety of voltage ranges and mode types, so you can choose a torch that works on either primary or rechargeable batteries and has the functions that you require.

The small Q4 emitter outputs a narrow beam with a greater throw range and orange peel reflector to soften the edges to give a wider beam angle.

For a larger hotspot with a clearly defined hard-edged beam due to its smooth reflector, the R5 drop-in would be the LED of choice.

For sheer power and higher lumen output, the XM-L is the largest emitter in the range with a hard-edged hotspot due to the smooth reflector but with a much larger spill area than the R5.  The XM-L comes in two guises as the U2 and the T6 to offer a different colour temperature choice. The XM-L U2 is the latest model with a neutral blueish-white colour as opposed to the XM-L T6 which is from the warmer white spectrum.

Camping Lantern

The Solarforce camping lantern converts your Solarforce torch into a stand alone or suspended lantern for your camper or tent. 

The domed diffuser and conical reflector inside the camping lantern give a pleasingly bright light with full 360 degree beam. It can be used with Solarforce's coloured filters to create mood lighting or a bedtime light for children.

When space is at a premium (because you’ve packed everything for your camping trip!) why carry a separate torch and lantern, when you can have both in one unit?

The L2D works very well with the lantern head because;

  • It has a side switch – making it easier to switch on/off and change modes; useful for trips to the loo as a torch and to access modes easily when used as a lantern
  • It can take filters  - red, green, blue and yellow. Who doesn’t need mood lighting?
  • It can be used with an extension tube to add more batteries, thus extending run time.

If you are unsure which Solarforce combination is best for you, please call or email us and we will advise based on your specific requirements.