National Bike Week

This week is National Bike Week; cycling, bike safety and maintenance events are taking place across the country this week. This is made more special this year as next month we see Le Tour Grand Depart take place, here on our doorstep, in West Yorkshire. 

We’ve noticed a lot more cyclists out and about on the roads, by the canals and in the Dales –it’s great to see more people get out on their bikes but I can’t help thinking about safety…  some cycles I’ve seen look as though they have just been dug out of the darkest depths of the garage, resplendent with cobwebs and dry, dusty chains (thankfully, National Bike Week also have ‘Bike Doctor’ events popping up ).

The number of cyclists who are not equipped with lights, also concerns me. We know it’s Summer (looks out office window to grey, damp Monday), and the nights are lighter but we’ve had a few foggy, misty and rainy days which have caught many out.

As lovely as it is to cycle a canal path and take advantage of the many hostelries en route of a Summer evening, it is worth remembering your bike lights as the canal paths often aren’t subjected to the same level of light pollution we’re used to on roads.

A good bike light is a must, whatever the time of day or weather when you first set out (as are waterproofs!) and here at TacLight we have two dedicated Bike Lights from two of the most respected tactical torch companies in the industry; Klarus and Fenix.

The Fenix BT20 and Klarus BK20 are bike lights with sound Tactical torch heritage, and neither will disappoint the most discerning cyclist, on or off-road.

The Fenix BT20 has great styling and benefits from a clever ‘Dual Distance Beam’ for close-in visibility and long-range illumination, as Fenix themselves say;

The BT20 is the world's first professional bike light which employs Dual Distance Beam System. It features broad floodlight, close-in visibility and long-range illumination. BT20 employs the neutral white LED  featuring the advantages of strong penetration power and good color rendering, which helps night riders better identify the color of objects and outdoor conditions, ensuring safety when mountain biking, touring, commuting, etc

It can be bike or helmet mounted and comes complete with mounting accessories for both. The BT20 has a maximum output of 750 Lumens, which is more than adequate for urban cycling (300 Lumens is plenty for an urban environment) and a maximum runtime of 19+ hours. The unit is powered by 2 x 18650 batteries, which are housed in a water-resistant and secure case. There’s also a battery power indicator light so you’ll never get caught out.

The Klarus BK20 is the bicycle version of the incredible Klarus XT20; sharing the powerful dual head and XM-L (U2) LED’s and is, according to Klarus;

“specially designed as a ultra-bright, far-throwing, long run time, durable, shockproof, waterproof and easily detachable, quick easy operation bicycle light”

It’s powered by a 4 x 18650 rechargeable power pack to kick out a floodlight beam of an impressive 1200 lumens! Obviously this would be overkill on urban roads/commuting but for mountain biking, such an output is invaluable, especially on decents. There are 3 lighting levels plus a strobe mode to change depending on your cycling environment. The modes are all accessed via the remote switch which can be securely handle bar mounted to access all modes without removing your hand. The BK20 boasts some impressive runtimes too (up to 360 hours on low mode).

There is no doubt that bicycle lights from the stables of tactical torches are going to shake up the bike light market. The efficiency technology used to extend output (beam width/distance and runtime) in the tactical torch industry is now being applied to bike lights and these two are already creating a stir.