KLARUS - New items are now available!

Klarus have recently released a new line of items! This includes the Klarus MiX7, RS18 and RS20.

Klarus MiX7

The Klarus Mi X7 is a tough, compact and bright flashlight, which is made from solid Titanium, but has the sleek, slender design of the smaller Mi X6. Despite using just one AA battery, the Mi X7 outputs 180 lumens from its Cree XP-G2 LED.

The most unique feature of this light is its side switch. Typically, with a torch as small as this, the light would be operated by head-twist or tail-switch. But the Mi X7 has been cleverly equipped with a very handy rubber side switch for changing modes and quickly accessing the defensive strobe function.

Modes include Medium-Low-High-Strobe, with strobe being accessed with a double-tap of the switch – this can be done with the torch on or off for fast access to the defensive strobe. A memory function remembers the last mode used, which can be very useful.

The smooth reflector produces a very clean beam, which we have come to expect from Klarus, and efficiency is good. A lanyard loop has been machined into the titanium body at the tail-end of the torch to allow a lanyard to be attached and also helps the torch to tail-stand.

Klarus RS18

The RS18 from Klarus is a compact, powerful and rechargeable flashlight, which uses a single 18650 to output 900 lumens with its XM-L2 U2 LED.

There are some unique features with the RS18, which have surprised us. Firstly, it has a charging point at the side of the light, which is fully sealed, so no need for a rubber cover to protect it. The USB charging cable (supplied) is magnetic so it self-locates when it is within 1cm from the charging point – making it very easy to use. An indicator light around the charging point illuminates either red (charging) or green (fully charged). The USB charging cable can be plugged into a computer, a vehicle (with either USB or with additional 12v adapter), or via a mains socket (using a USB-to-mains adapter, which some mobile phones use).

The second unique feature is the removable glass breaker at the tail-end of the torch, which can be used to break a window in an emergency to provide means of escape. When removed, the RS18 is able to tail-stand.

The third unique feature is the side switch and the way it works. A quick press will activate the light momentarily; a double-press activates the strobe; a press-and-hold gives constant-on. When on, a press-and-hold will change the mode and a single press will switch it off. The RS18 has a memory function, so it will remember the last light level used, and a hidden SOS function can be used for emergencies.

In all, this is the type of flashlight that you would want with you in an emergency. It makes an ideal light to keep charged in a vehicle or used as an everyday torch.

Klarus RS20

The Klarus RS20 is one of the most unique and versatile flashlights that we have seen. Not only is it a powerful, rechargeable light (outputting 1050 lumens) with a long beam throw (316m), it also has a secondary light source, which is extremely useful.

As a powerful jacket-pocket-sized torch with long beam throw, the RS20 is very good. However, where is has the edge over similar torches is with the dual-light; it has a secondary diffused, but powerful, side light. This secondary light is operated by the orange button and outputs a bright light that illuminates the area immediately in front of you – effectively illuminating what is normally the dark area between you and the edge of the main beam. Until now, with most conventional flashlights, it was not possible to illuminate way ahead and directly in front of you. But now it is, due to some clever engineering. By illuminating the ‘dead-spot’, more ground can be illuminated at night, making police work, hunting, or walking at night easier and safer. The LED in the side light is changeable, so either a white, red or green LED can be used.

The side light can also be used as a lantern while camping or traveling. With three light levels, you can get the right amount of illumination. The TacLight team has already used it while camping in a tent, staying in a camper van and to illuminate a room when the lights failed. So whether its for domestic use or adventure, the RS20 is a tough torch to beat.

To make it even more versatile, Klarus has integrated their unique magnetic charging system into this light, so it can be charged from a USB connection on a computer, via a 12v adapter in a vehicle or with mains electricity with the type of USB-mains adapter that many mobile phones now use.

The RS20 is ideal for many applications and is one of the most versatile lights that we sell. It comes with a rechargeable battery, magnetic charging cable, wrist lanyard and durable holster.