Fenix RC20 - When the Lights Go Out

Posted on December 07, 2015

The lights have gone out, there’s no power and the raging storm outside has created an unearthly sound, the likes of which you’ve never heard before, (was that a tree?). The only thing to do is go out and investigate so you grab for a torch…

Problem. Batteries are dead and you hadn’t quite got round to buying new ones or charging them.

It’s ok though, you have a directly rechargeable torch. Somewhere… if only you’d remembered where you’d put it. Found it!

Ah, you didn’t remember to charge it last time and now there’s no power.

Well, dear reader, fear not. Those smashing people at Fenix have just made home, office and car emergencies a whole less stressful with the Fenix RC20.

You can be ready for anything with the wall or car mountable charging cradle (included with USB and 13amp converter), and will have 1000 lumen with a throw of up to 290m at your fingertips in no time. 

Not only does the cradle become handy storage for your RC20 but as long as the holder is plugged in, you’ll have a fully charged light for the next time you need one, and your RC20 will have charged up before the power failed (the handy indicator light will tell you this).

Now look how organised you can be with the right kit. With an RC20 you can be surveying the area in mere seconds.

Now, about that tree, is that yours or your neighbour’s car underneath?


Please note: The Fenix RC20 is also a tactical light with tail switch, instant strobe access and is weapon mountable, so will be there for all eventualities.



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