FEREI Affordable, Powerful Headlamps

Posted on February 06, 2016

FEREI headlamps are designed with extreme users in mind. Each model is water and impact resistant, and made with robust aerospace-grade, anodised aluminium with toughened glass. It’s no wonder they’re used by professional Trail Runners and competitive Night Riders. 

Lightweight and durable, FEREI head torches are accessible to all outdoor pursuit users and the varying models will cater for the weekend camper to the professional mountain biker with ease and reliability.


Hiking, fishing, camping, trail running, cycling or in the home or garage, the FEREI HL08 is a great all-rounder with an output of 220 lumen and beam length of over 180 metres. Weighing in at a mere 145g (without batteries), this head torch is not light on features; the HL08 has a whopping EIGHT brightness levels and FOUR blinking modes, which are easily accessible via the rubber push button on the side of the 3-way headband.


If you need a more powerful headlight the FEREI HL20 is a high intensity, long-throw, lightweight headlamp with a maximum beam throw of 200m. It also features the quick intensity selection button to quickly and efficiently take you through the eight intensity levels and four blinking modes (inc SOS).   The HL20 is available as an AA batteries head torch or as a rechargeable unit with an 18650 battery (included).


Looking for more control and versatility? The uncompromising FEREI HL40 features the same great output as the HL20 with the addition of a focusable beam to take you from a long-throw spotlight to a wide-area floodlight, enabling a greater field of vision into the darkest of terrains. The FEREI HL40 is perfect for Trail Runners, Mountain Bikers and Cyclists alike - giving power and precision at your fingertips. Due to its lightweight and 3-way head strap, the HL40 is comfortable to wear for those dark hikes or trail runs.


In a class of its own, the FEREI HL50 is one of the brightest headlamp we’ve seen. The whopping 1800 lumen output gives you enough power for the most extreme outdoor activities and its ultra-rugged design will withstand them. This twin-head, rechargeable headlamp leaves competitors far behind, outputting 1800 lumen for 2 hours or 50 lumen for 67 hours. The eight brightness levels at 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, 900, 1200, 1500, & 1800 lumen can be incrementally selected to suit your desired application.

The FEREI waterproof, multi-purpose, rubberised switch is a great design that features on the whole FEREI HL range. It’s easily located on the headband with or without gloves, and has an instinctive user-interface for fine adjustment without having to break your stride. It’s easy to see why this range is widely used in competitive outdoor sports.

There’s are optional extra battery packs for when you require extra run-time, and if you don’t want to carry the battery pack on the headband the FEREI EC50 Extension Cable at 800mm will allow for pack carrying. Optional filters, diffusers and charging cables complete the accessories list for these incredibly versatile lamps.



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