A tactical torch for less than £30!

Solarforce P1 LED Torch Offer
TacLight is offering a rugged tactical torch for less than £30!

The Solarforce P1 is a very popular torch because of its lightweight rugged body (made from a composite material so doesn’t get cold in winter like aluminium does); upgradeability (the LED can be changed, lens replaced) and the longer travel on the tail switch makes it easier to use the tactical momentary-on feature without accidentally switching the light fully on.

TacLight has limited stock of the P1, which is available in 3 colours: yellow, green and black. The P1 is being sold at the rock bottom price of £29.95 with your choice of LED. Other UK retailers are selling just the torch body for £37.95 with no LED! Plus, when you buy the P1 from TacLight, you can add a second LED for just £10; there’s white, red, green, yellow and infrared available.

Be quick! https://www.taclight.co.uk/products/solarforce-p1-torch