Klarus XT21X Tactical Flashlight with 4000 Lumens!

The XT21X from Klarus is such an extreme torch that it has two X’s in its name! The new XT range has generated a lot of attention in the tactical torch world and the XT21X is receiving much praise for its power, design and functionality. So let’s take a look at this new-comer to the XT range.
On receiving the XT21X, the first thing you will notice if you’ve owned a Klarus torch before, is that they have upped their game with the packaging. They've gone premium, which is good to see. The lower part of the box is adorned with X’s – Klarus either wants to highlight that this torch has the X-factor or the X’s are actually kisses because they know how much you'll love their new product. 
When you get inside the box, there’s no sexy reveal to extend your anticipation. But there is a high-quality, robust nylon holster, which looks pretty much bullet-proof, and has a half-sphere plastic cup attached to the inside-bottom of the holster. This is to make sure the XT21X is properly seated inside the holster and also prevents accidental activation, which is the last thing you want when on a covert tactical operation… or getting back into the car after walking the dog. It’s a great little safety feature. In fact, Klarus was so proud if this little invention that they patented it. 
Rip open the velcro pouch and gaze down to the bottom of the stippled reflector to see the large LED, which is known as a CREE XHP70.2 P2. It’s a 1A LED with 6500K rated white light. Sounds technical, but in reality it’s a whopping powerhouse of an LED that outputs a dazzlingly high 4000 lumens and produces quite a wide, very clean beam. The beam profile displays a distinct hotspot in the middle for distance illumination (up to 316m) and plenty of flood light – a very good combination for most lighting needs.

In the hand, the XT21X feels weirdly perfect with a good balance of size and weight. Klarus has beefed-up this torch, making it fatter to accommodate the more powerful 21700 battery (supplied). But this doesn’t make it awkward to handle and hasn’t made it noticeably heavier when compared with the smaller XT11 models. It feels just right. 
As with all Klarus XT models, there is a paddle on the tail-cap for fast activation of the tactical strobe, when the torch is off, and for changing modes when the torch is on. There are two options for activating this light; either with the button on the tail-cap when in a tactical/ offensive grip or via the side button near the torch head for a less aggressive approach. The button on the tail-cap will always activate the torch with 4000 lumens, which is enough to melt a couple of retinas. Whereas the side button gives you full control; a single press activates the light in the last mode used (as it has a memory function) and subsequent presses will change the mode.
Although, if you press and hold the side button, the light will activate in a moonlight mode, which is a beautifully soft 5 lumens – enough for checking a map at night or for quickly finding dropped coins at the drive-thru. Don’t be fooled by the sedate design of the side button though. If the situation requires (and you really need to awaken the dead) the full-on insanely bright strobe mode is just a double-tap away.
The switches can be locked-out to prevent accidental activation and there is a battery indicator LED under the side button, which is very subtle and effective at displaying the remaining battery power with coloured light.

As with many modern lights, the XT21X is USB rechargeable for ultimate convenience. So, if you want a very powerful torch that won’t be quickly out-dated and can adapt to pretty much any application or situation, we think the XT21X is the way to go. It may seem a little pricey, but it isn’t really, especially when you consider how bright and easy to use it is – plus it comes with a 5 year warranty for peace-of-mind. And that plastic holster cup… C’mon, who else can brag about having one of those!