If you need to mount an LED torch to a weapon or scope, you will need a mount. Here at TacLight we have all sorts of mounts, from low-profile and off-set picatinny mounts to fully adjustable mounts with windage and elevation control. If you are unsure what you need, please contact us.

Fully Adjustable Scope Mount Set

from £52.96 GBP (£44.13 GBP ex.VAT)

Offset 45º Weaver Rail Mount

from £9.95 GBP (£8.29 GBP ex.VAT)

25mm Gun / Rifle Flashlight Rail Mount

£8.95 GBP (£7.46 GBP ex.VAT)

1-Inch Picatinny / Weaver Rail Mount

£8.95 GBP (£7.46 GBP ex.VAT)

1" Aluminium Weaver Ring

£4.96 GBP (£4.13 GBP ex.VAT)