Survival Tools is a growing area for us and something we will be expanding on. Survival equipment is multi-functional, being useful for everyday tasks, trekking, camping and also in extreme situations. The collection includes multi tools, tactical pens, paracord bracelets, emergency whistles and more. If you cannot find what you want, please tell us what you need and we'll do our best to get it for you.

Walther Tool Tac Pro M

£64.96 GBP (£54.13 GBP ex.VAT)

Walther Tool Tac Pro S

£59.95 GBP (£49.96 GBP ex.VAT)

Out of stock
Fenix NW20 Emergency Whistle

£13.96 GBP (£11.63 GBP ex.VAT)

Walther ProSecur Rescue Bracelet IS

£9.95 GBP (£8.29 GBP ex.VAT)

Perfecta Rescue Bracelet Paracord I

£3.95 GBP (£3.29 GBP ex.VAT)