TacLight is a UK based LED torch, night vision and thermal imaging equipment specialist.

We try our best to use and learn about each product we sell in order to help customers find the right product for their specific budget, needs and applications - such as police work, security, search & rescue, gamekeeping, airsoft, dog walking, general outdoor use, scenes in movies, tactical situations, personal safety, engineering tasks and even for inspecting valuable pieces of art - we have a torch for most applications!

Your LED Torch & Night Vision Specialist

When it comes to LED torches, it's a minefield and we stock a lot of different torches of various shapes, sizes, power levels, modes, user interfaces, features, etc. So if you need help choosing a torch for a particular application, task or job, please contact us and we can make some product suggestions based on your specific requirements.

LED torches range in price from around £15 for a keychain torch to a few hundred pounds for the ultimate in powerful, professional illumination.

Since developing the Night Master brand and what is now considered by many to be the best range of infrared illuminators, we have added night vision and thermal imaging products to our range of torches and illuminators.

We sell to trade and industries

TacLight is owned by our company, Night Spark Ltd, which is the UK and Ireland distributor for Klarus as well as the owner and worldwide distributor of Night Master hunting lights, which have quickly become one of the best hunting light brands in the UK, known for its long-range gun lights and infrared (IR) illuminators.

We supply these brands to both traders and companies within various industry sectors. If you require LED torches for industrial use or to retail in your shop, please call us on either 01535 610066 or 611688,  or email info@taclight.co.uk.

We source equipment for industry

Whether you are procuring a customised LED torch for your client or you need a specific type of night vision equipment for your security business, if we don't stock what you need, then we can try to find it for you. With many years of experience in the torch and lighting industry we have accumulated a lot of partners and contacts within the torch world, so we can pretty much source a torch for every requirement. Let us know what you want and we'll see if we can help.