At TacLight we research, test and hand-pick all the products we sell, including LED torches, night vision equipment, thermal imaging devices, etc. The interests of the team include outdoor activities, cycling, shooting/ hunting, airsoft, urban exploring and wildlife observation - so we have plenty of opportunities to test the equipment in various fields. We don't sell anything that we haven't first tested and liked ourselves, so if you need advice on anything, please contact us.

Our brands include: Ansmann | Apex UK | Contessa | EagleTac | Fenix | Ferei | Imalent | Klarus | Manker | NcStar | NexTorch | Night Master | Nitecore | Niteye | Olight | Pulsar | Recknagel | Seek | Solarforce | Spypoint | Tier One | Venom Strike | Yukon