Dereelight DBS-T Long Throw Hunting Light with Changeable LEDs

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The Dereelight DBS-T is famously one of the top "super throwers" in the world and favoured by rifle/gun owners who use it for night shooting/ lamping because it can illuminate quarry and its background for up to 250+ metres. This is mainly down to the deep, smooth reflector which, when used with an R2 LED, can throw the beam further than the Tiablo A9 and many other distance throwers.

Another benefit over the Tiablo A9 is that this DBS-T is user upgradeable, which means the LED can be changed whenever you want or need to. If you need a bigger hotspot, go for the R5 LED. Or for more flood light go for the XM-L T6. The ability to change LEDs makes the DBS-T a more versatile light and a sound investment.

LED Types

XR-E R2 LED - 300 Lumens - £79.95

Choose the R2 LED version for the farthest beam throw and tightest hotspot. This is normally the choice for people who need to illuminate a small area over a long distance - so ideal for quarry shooting and lamping. It outputs 300 lumens. You will need an 18650 rechargeable battery with the R2 option - free batteries do not apply.

XP-G R5 LED - 350 Lumens - £79.95

Choose the R5 LED for great beam throw and a bigger hotspot than the R2 LED model. This will illuminate larger area compared to the R2 LED and beam throw will be slightly shorter. It outputs 350 lumens.

XM-L T6 LED - 700 Lumens - £94.95

Choose the XM-L LED for good beam throw and flood to illuminate a wide area over a good distance. Good for Search & Rescue. It outputs a great deal of light (700 lumens max).

LED Configurations

Below are the LED configurations available for the DBS V3 flashlight. Click the 'Buy Now' button to make your selection.

  • XR-E R2 LED (1S) - 1 Mode - use 1x 18650 battery only
  • XR-E R2 LED (3SD) - 3 Modes - use 1x 18650 battery only
  • XP-G R5 LED - (1S) 1 Mode - use 1x 18650 battery only
  • XP-G R5 LED - (3SD) 3 Modes - use 1x 18650 battery only
  • XP-G R5 LED - (1SM) 1 Mode - use 2x CR123A / 2x RCR123A / 2x 18650 with optional extension tube
  • XP-G R5 LED - (3 SM) 3 Modes - use 2x CR123A / 2x RCR123A / 2x 18650 with optional extension tube
  • XM-L T6 LED (3SM) - 3 Modes - use 2x CR123A / 2x RCR123A / 2x 18650 with optional extension tube
Not Sure?

Contact TacLight with your questions or for help choosing. We can often answer questions out of business hours, so please email us:


  • LED Type: Choose from XR-E R2, XP-G R5 and XM-L T6 LED modules
  • Battery: Depends on LED configuration - see above right.
  • Function: 1-Mode version is full power during momentary-on and full-on. 3-Mode version is High-Med-Low. Simple UI - half press tail switch to preview each mode and full click to select a mode. Automatic memory remembers the last function. This gives instant access to your preferred mode.
  • Switch: Protruding foward clicky tail switch with momentary-on function.
  • Protection: Sealed with O-rings for excellent water resistance and improved service life. Waterproof and Dust Resistant to IPX-8.
  • Tactical: Remote pressure switch and gun mount available to make it a shooting/ lamping/ weapon light.
  • Dimension: 152mm (L), 48mm (Head), 27mm (Body Dia)
  • Weight: 185g (without battery)
  • Finish: Rugged body with HA Type III anodising.
  • Reflector: Smooth (SMO) and deep reflector for maximum beam throw.
  • Lens:Toughened ultra clear glass lens with double face A/R coating.
  • Switch: Tail forward clicky switch for On/ Momentary On/ Off.
What you get

A Dereelight presentation box containing:

  • 1 x Dereelight DBS V3 Super Throw Flashlight
  • 1 x Removable Metal Clip
  • Spare O-rings
  • Spare Glow in the dark (GITD) rubber switch boot
  • 1 x Operator's Manual

Accessories for the DBS V3

  • Remote Pressure Switch
  • Coloured Filters
  • High Adjustable Scope Mount
  • Extension Tube for adding another 18650 battery
  • Turn Power On/ Off
    Pressing the tail cap switch will Turn Power On/ Off.
  • Switch Mode
    With the battery tube tight against the head of the torch, the DBS-T will output high mode continually. Loosen the battery tube against the head of the torch by a full turn and you will enter the 3-mode setting. To select a mode, simply switch the torch off and lightly press (don't click) the tail switch repeatedly - this will allow you to preview each of the 3 modes. Fully click the tail switch to lock onto the mode you need.
  • Memory Function: When torch is on in preferred mode, click off with tail switch. The torch will remember the last mode when next switched on.
  • Lock-out: Loosen the tail cap for full lock-out to prevent accidental activation.

1-Mode version provides 100% output. 3-Mode version provides the following outputs:

  • High Mode: 100% output
  • Medium Mode: 30% output
  • Low Mode: 5% output



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