Fenix AD301-R Red Filter for LD/PD Flashlights

Fenix AD301-R Red Filter for LD/PD Flashlights

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These are accessories for Fenix torches which have outstanding filtration ability to create strong red/blue/green light. The Fenix AD301-R Filter fits: LD10/12/20/22 or PD10/20/22/30 models. They can be fitted to any torch with a head diameter of 21.5 mm.

With high penetrability for fog and smoke, they can be used as a signal lamp, for hunting or to protect night vision as necessary. Uses a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating that provides heat resistance and maximum light penetrability.

Supplied in retail package and includes:
Fenix AD301-R red filter x 1

Product Features
Made of PC 2805 plastic created by Bayer Material Science AG
High quality with anti-impact, heat and compression resistant and super durable
Easy push fit attachment

Red Filter
  • Red light is generally used for protecting your natural night vision. Used by aircraft personnel, the military and hunters to avoid spooking game, deer and other animals that see very poorly in the red colour spectrum, also ideal for fishing as it attracts young fish and does not reflect off the water surface. The filter is also useful for close range, non-tactical applications such as map reading as it reduces the intensity of light output. However it is close to infra-red band so an enemy with a night-vision devices has a better chance of seeing the "hot-spot".



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