Imalent EU06 2015 Touchscreen Multi-LED Flashlight with 1190 Lumens

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This Imalent EU06 multi-function LCD touch screen flashlight utilises three separate LEDs to offer a broad range of illumination options and power display function.

The output up to 1190 lumens creates a intense area of lighting combined with long reach. Making it ideal for group leaders needing high output and multiple beam patters, the EU06 is a powerful addition to any outdoorsman kit.

Included with this EU06 is a wireless remote switch, which enables remote control from up to 10m away - this means no more wires for remote activation!

  • Remote control from 10m away
  • Backlit touch screen display for fast, convenient and discreet infinite brightness adjustment 
  • Electronic reverse battery protection
  • Thermal control
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • Uses 1 x 18650 (rechargeable) or 2 x CR123A batteries




  • Primary LED: CREE XM-L2 U2
  • Secondary LED 1: CREE XR-E (Red)
  • Secondary LED 2: CREE XP-G2 R5 (Warm White)


  • Primary LED: CREE XM-L2 U2
  • Secondary LED 1: XP-G2 R5 (Warm White)
  • Secondary LED 2: UV 405NM

Both Models

  • Beam distance: 368m
  • Waterproof: IPX8 (Underwater 2m)
  • Working voltage: 2.8-9V
  • Battery Type: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A batteries
  • Material: Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy body
  • Finish: Military Spec Type III hard anodised
  • Lens: Ultra-clear tempered glass lens to resist scratches
    • Length: 147mm
    • Head: 38mm
    • Tail: 25mm
    • Weight: 172g (excluding batteries)
    What you get
    • Imalent EU06 Touchscreen Flashlight
    • 2 x CR123A Batteries (non-rechargeable) FREE 
    • Wireless remote control switch
    • Heavy duty holster
    • 2 x Spare O-rings
    • Touchscreen protector 
    • User manual & Warranty card

      This torch comes with a 24 month warranty from the manufacturer, Imalent. See the User Manual that comes with the torch.



      • Click the power button switch once to turn the flashlight ON, to turn the flashlight OFF simply click the power button once.

        Adjusting the Brightness

        • With the light turned on, simply swipe up/down on the touchscreen display to increase or decrease the brightness.

        Secondary Lights

        • With the light turned on, press the MODE button on the touch display for 0.5 seconds and release each time, the light will transfer to secondary light one, and then to secondary light two. It will remain in the same mode when you release until you press the MODE button again.

        Hidden Modes

        • With the light on, press the mode button for 0.3 seconds and release each time, the light will cycle between beacon and SOS.

        Remote Control Operation

        • With the light on, put the remote controller towards any receiver on both sides of the flashlight head, press the power switch on the remote controller to turn on or off the light. To change mode, press the MODE button to transfer light between the secondary lights.
        • To change the brightness, simply press and hold the up arrow to increase the brightness and release at the desired output, and to decrease the brightness do the same but instead of holding the up arrow, hold the down arrow.
          Output & Runtimes

          Primary Light

          • High: 900 Lumens / 1hr 45mins
          • Low: 1 Lumen / 200hrs

          Secondary Light

          • High: 290 Lumens / 3hr 50mins
          • Low: 1 Lumen / 200hrs

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