Night Master LED Modules

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One of the great features about the Night Master range of torches is that all parts are changeable, including the LEDs. This means if you would like to change the colour of your beam, you don't need to buy a whole new torch, just an LED. 

This also means you can convert your torch with a visible beam, into an IR (infrared) illuminator for all types of night vision, this will greatly improve both the performance and the clarity of your night vision device.

Select Part

There are two options when it comes to LEDs, either buying just the LED module its self (LED Only), or buying it pre-installed in the neck section (Installed in Neck Section).

Having it pre-installed in the neck section makes for a quicker easier change, no needle nose pliers required - just simply unscrew your Night Master head, unscrew the existing neck section and then screw your new neck section back on. 

PLEASE NOTE: These LEDs are only compatible with the 3-mode Night Master torches, these LEDs will NOT work with the Night Master IC range of torches.



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