Olight Colour Filters for M3X and SR51 Intimidator Flashlights

£9.95 GBP
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These are the colour filters for the Olight M3X Triton and SR51 Intimidator flashlights. Simply attach it to the head of the flashlight for;

  • Red light output, which is useful for watching wildlife and hunting at night, since many animals cannot see well in the red spectrum. Red light also preserves our natural night vision and is effective at providing better visibility in fog and smoke.
  • Green light output, which is useful for hunting at night in woodland areas or where there is a lot of foliage. The green light provides good night visibility without spooking animals.
  • Blue light output, which is useful for hunting at night. The blue light makes it easier to see blood, so wounded animals can be tracked at night.
  • White light diffuser, which is useful when you need a soft, even spread of light - to light a scene, camping area, inside a tent, etc.



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