Olight X7 Marauder Compact Searchlight with 3 XHP70 LEDs & 9000 Lumens

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The X7 Marauder features 9000 lumens in a can sized light to provide the power of the sun in the palm of your hand. The X7 Marauder carries three four core light-emitting XHP70 LED’s which are currently one of the highest performing light sources on the planet. The light features a custom designed orange peel reflector to create the perfect beam pattern for logical and realistic use.

People ask, why would someone need 9000 lumens? Well the X7 offers 6 modes at various brightness levels going all the way down to 3 lumens which mimics a small keychain flashlight. The 9000 lumen setting provides a sensation of daylight when shined in a pitch black environment with a soft tone so it is not blinding to the eye.

The X7 features a groundbreaking active thermal management system. The MCU detects the flashlights internal temperature in real time to prevent overheating to the user’s hand and flashlight. We have meticulously designed this feature to maintain the flashlights longevity and a positive user experience for years to come.

  • Uses three top-class cool white CREE XHP 70 LED with a total of 12 light-emitting cores.
  • A maximum output of 9000 lumens which is great for strong illumination and minimum output of 3 lumens, which is suitable for long periods of using at night.
  • The switch on bezel side controls the flashlight, which has three common brightness levels: 3000 lumens, 1000 lumens and 300 lumens; plus turbo modes: 5500 lumens and 9000 lumens; nightlight mode: 3 lumens; and a strobe at 10Hz.
  • Double press the side switch quickly to activate the Turbo (5500 lumens) mode, and double press  quickly again to access the Turbo S (9000 lumens) mode.
  • Low-voltage indicator monitors the battery power level while the light is on, which will glow red when • the battery power is running low.
  • Active Thermal Management: MCU detects the flashlight temperature through the internal thermal sensor in real time, and prevents overheating by reducing the output.


  • Max Output: 9000 Lumens
  • Max Runtime: 720 Hours
  • Beam Distance: 313m
  • Intensity: 24,500cd
  • Waterproof: IPX-8
  • Impact Resistance: 1m
  • Battery: 4 x 18650
  • 127mm x 68mm
  • Weight: 472g (excluding batteries)
What you get
  • Olight X7 Marauder
  • 4 x 18650 3500mAh Batteries
  • Olight C4 Smart Charger
  • Holster
  • User Manual
  • Car Sticker
    5 Year Warranty

    This torch comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer, Olight. See the User Manual that comes with the torch.



    • Press the side switch to turn the light on/off, when the light is turned on again it will return to the previous standard brightness level selected.

    Output Selection

    • When the flashlight is on, press and hold the side switch to automatically cycle through nightlight-low-medium-high modes, the mode is selected when the side switch has been released.

    Direct Access to Turbo

    • Double press the side switch quickly to activate the Turbo mode, and double press quickly again to access the Turbo S mode. After that, quickly double press the side switch to shift the turbo and turbo S mode.


    • Triple press the side switch quickly to enter the strobe mode, to quit this mode simply single press or press and hold the side switch.


    •  When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch for over one second to access the lowest mode. When the flashlight is turned off and on again, it will return to the lowest mode that was selected previously.
    Output & Runtimes
    • Turbo S: 9000 > 1800 Lumens / 2.5 mins > 3 hrs 20 min
    • Turbo: 5500 > 1800 Lumens / 8 mins > 3 hrs 20 min
    • High: 3000 > 1800 Lumens / 32 mins > 3 hrs 20 min
    • Medium: 1000 Lumens / 6 hrs 30 min
    • Low: 300 Lumens / 18 hrs
    • Nightlight: 3 Lumens / 720hrs (30 days)


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